Thursday, 17 April 2014


Gele is a traditional head wear or if you like you can call it a head tie, that is worn by African women for special occasions. Gele is worn to complete the iro, buba and epele ( the proper yoruba way of dressing).
Gele is made with different materials like aso oke (which is specially woven by hand in the yoruba land), damask or the shinny thin jacquard which is the most common of all the gele materials.

The thing about gele is that it can be tied in so many ways to create so many styles, not everybody is quite good at styling gele on the wearers head, you have to be creative in order to achieve the style that would suite the wearers face and attire shes wearing for the occasion.

Over the years gele styling has become something that had to be done with creativity and style, i mean real style because every woman wants to look hot and top the style table making heads turn with her grand entrance into parties.
Gele is a fashion statement and has being from generation to generations for African women especially Nigerian women and yes it can never go out of fashion.